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Tuition & Fees

The school is financed, in part, by tuition and fees that each family pays. The remainder of the amount needed to cover the cost of running our school is made up by parish revenues. As such, our in-parish tuition rates are offered to families who regularly attend mass and are involved in parish life at St. Pius X Parish. We ask that if you are unable to make a regular financial commitment to the church, at least let us know that you are attending mass by dropping an envelope in the collection basket.

Tuition & Fees for 2023-2024

Participating In-Parish

Tuition Fees Registration Tuition+Net Fees
1 CHILD $5,360 $369 ($100) $5,629
2 CHILDREN $8,202 $738 ($200) $8,740
3 CHILDREN $9,692 $1,107 ($300) $10,769
4 CHILDREN $11,259 $1,476 ($400) $12,335
5 CHILDREN $11,360 $1,845 ($500) $12,705

Non-Participating, Non-Parishioner

Tuition Fees Registration Tuition+Net Fees
1 CHILD $6,432 $369 ($100) $6,701
2 CHILDREN $9,842 $738 ($200) $10,380
3 CHILDREN $11,954 $1,107 ($300) $12,761
4 CHILDREN $13,511 $1,476 ($400) $14,587
5 CHILDREN $13,632 $1,845 ($500) $14,977

School fees are used to cover the cost of textbooks, materials and other routine expenses associated with the operation of a school. These fees are included in with your tuition charge that is assessed from FACTS.

There is an additional eighth grade student fee to cover costs for the eighth grade trip, group picture, and promotion flowers. This will be set annually and collected through FACTS.

There will be a technology fee that will be assessed beginning the 5th grade year and will continue each year through the eighth grade. This fee will be set annually and will help to cover the cost of the student Chromebook, case, carrying cover, and insurance. The students will own this device upon graduation and will be theirs to keep.

FACTS Tuition Management

All parents must register their children through the FACTS Tuition Management System. Parents may pay their tuition in full by June 30th, twice a year in July and December, or monthly on the 5th or 20th. Parents who do not pay in full will incur a FACTS processing fee. Parents may choose to pay with a credit card, however, credit card processing fees will not be covered by St. Pius X. The processing fee will be a 2.85% charge added to each credit card payment.

Parents who pay in full before June 30th may deduct 2% from the tuition rate. (tuition column only)..

If a family falls behind on tuition payments, they will be notified by FACTS Tuition Management. We ask that you let us know if you are experiencing difficulty paying tuition so that we can set up a payment plan that is acceptable to all parties. Tuition must be paid for report cards to be released and transfer of records to occur. Please refer to BOTCE Policy 405.5 and 406 on the web site for more information.

If you would like to apply for financial aid, you will need to apply through FACTS under the Grants and Aid section. You can contact Ms. Jennifer Casson at 341-4900 ext. 204 or Mrs. Jill Lonnemann at 341-4900 ext. 102, with any questions. Please note that applying for aid does not guarantee you will qualify. Qualifications are suggested from FACTS.

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Available Scholarships

St. Pius X: Debbie Schulenberg Day Scholarship Fund

High Schools: Florence Wormald / Rita Ward Fund