National Blue Ribbon Award
For Excellence 2001 | 2015

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the school curriculum. The goal of Physical Education is to provide all students with the knowledge, skills and desire to live a healthy and physically active life. Research has shown that people who are physically active perform better on cognitive tests than their sedentary counterparts. Physical Education is the ultimate example of the brain ­based learning approach and is firmly established on the understanding that children learn better by doing.

The skill theme approach is used from kindergarten through third grade. Using a skill theme approach helps to provide experiences that are appropriate to the child's developmental level. The students will learn various locomotor, non ­locomotor, gross motor and fine motor skills and will practice these through individual and partner practice, station work and through lead up games that utilize the skills being learned. The goal behind the skill theme approach is to help children gain enough skill and confidence for them to participate in many activities, not just the traditional team sports.

Grades four through eight participate in various individual and team sports, as well as dance, and fitness activities. During the five year span, the students will learn the skills that are needed to play the various sports that are covered throughout the year. Students will practice these skills, learn the rules of the game, play lead up games that utilize and practice the skills needed to successfully play the sport and the culminating unit activity will be to play regulation games utilizing everything they have learned through the unit and to be evaluated on the skills involved as well as their knowledge of the rules of the game.

The message that physical education delivers, concerning movement competencies, proper health maintenance, stress management and lifetime wellness skills stands alone as a critical part of the whole child education. Students are encouraged to get 30-­60 minutes of physical activity each day.

Meet Our Teacher

Ms. Melissa Schmitt

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BA, Physical Education, College of Mount Saint Joseph
MA, Elementary Education, Walden University