National Blue Ribbon Award
For Excellence 2001 | 2015


Music class at St. Pius X focuses on music literacy, performing, and creating. Kodaly and Orff methodologies are used in kindergarten through fourth grade. Most lessons are taken from the music curriculum, Game Plan. Game Plan is a curriculum focused on learning through play, performing, and creating. Primary grades use many different pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. They are also introduced to the ukulele. In fourth grade students continue using non pitched and pitched percussion instruments, including the recorder which they continue to work with through fifth grade. Xylophones, ukuleles and bucket drums are part of the fifth through eighth grade curriculum. They also work largely on composing individually and in groups. All students (K-8) learn in different ways about music theory and music in other cultures.

Students in fourth through sixth grades have the opportunity to join the Orff Ensemble. The Orff Ensemble is a group of percussionists who play multiple pitched and non pitched percussion instruments. They meet weekly and perform three times throughout the year. Different primary and middle school grades perform seasonal concerts as well.

Meet Our Teacher

Mrs. Victoria Agosto-Gonzalez

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Bachelor of Music, Music Education, Morehead State University