National Blue Ribbon Award
For Excellence 2001 | 2015


Our library is a warm and welcoming place to visit where independent reading is encouraged with the goal of creating lifelong readers. Our primary curriculum nurtures the love of reading while helping students to develop their individual reading skills. Students are introduced to the different sections of the library and are taught the basic library procedure and terms, proper book care and appropriate listening and discussion skills during their weekly story time. The goal of the middle school and junior high curriculum is to promote an appreciation of books and recreational reading as well as using the library for research.

We have several programs that enhance our library curriculum. Our BookFest Book Club meets once a month after school to discuss books previously read by the students. Our Parent Storyteller Program invites parents into the library to share stories which promote Christian values. Our "Birthday Club" invites students in grades K-2-4-6 to donate books to the library in honor of their birthdays. A label with their name is placed in front of the book, their picture is taken with the book and treats are served.

Meet Our Librarian

Mrs. Kathy Brunot

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BA, Elementary Education, University of Kentucky
MA, Elementary Education, Northern Kentucky University