National Blue Ribbon Award
For Excellence 2001 | 2015


The primary role of the school counselor is to foster the educational, emotional, and social development of students throughout their academic careers. School counselors are an integral part of the school system. The school counselor works closely with teachers and parents to make sure that students have the tools and guidance they need to be successful. This can be done though individual sessions, small groups, and a whole class format. The primary focus of the counseling curriculum at St. Pius X includes topics such as academic support, education on understanding self and others, peer relationships, effective social skills, and problem-solving and conflict resolution. The goal of the school counselor is to support students in reaching their full academic potential and enjoying a positive school experience.

Students in grades 5 through 8 participate in a social-emotional assessment called Terrace Metrics. The assessment is given twice a year and helps the counselor identify the needs of the students. Through early intervention and ongoing monitoring, St. Pius X can help students foster the skills they need to have a strong social-emotional development.

Meet Our Counselor

Mrs. Nikki Clark

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BA of Psychology, University of Kentucky
MA of School Counseling, Xavier University