National Blue Ribbon Award
For Excellence 2001 | 2015


Art class is an exciting look into the diverse world of art materials, cultural arts, and art history. At the kindergarten level, focus is on basic drawing, sculpting, and painting skills. Students are exposed to as many art materials as possible. First through third grades focus mainly on art from around the world such as Native American design, Japanese Sumi-e painting, and Aboriginal X-ray painting. While they continue to develop their drawing, painting, and design skills, the fourth through sixth grades begin looking at particular artists and styles including Cezanne, Dali, and Van Gogh. Junior high art focuses on technical skills in drawing and painting, but also includes scratchboard in seventh grade and linoleum block printing in eighth grade. The overall emphasis in Art class is creative problem solving and effort over product. Not every student was born a Picasso, but every student can think creatively and grow as an artist!

In addition to in class instruction, an Art Club is offered to students in fifth through eighth grades who love art. The goal of the club is to participate in projects that could not be taught in the 45 minutes of a regular class period. Projects include mosaics, paper making, and mask making. Each year, the art club strives to explore new and exciting techniques based upon the interests of the students in the group. It is always fun and most of the time quite messy!

Meet Our Teacher

Mrs. Cathy Walters

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Bachelor of Art. Minor of Secondary Education, Xavier University
MA, Art Education, University of Cincinnati