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Panther Pumpkin Run

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Event Details

St. Pius X PTG presents the Second Annual Panther Pumpkin Run! This year our student fundraiser net proceeds will be used to improve the overall student experience with classroom enhancements. The Panther Pumpkin run will be held on October 19th, 2018. The schoolwide run gives all students the opportunity to raise money for our school, while being active and building school pride. Prizes will be awarded to students as well as teachers for meeting goals throughout the event. We will have tiers identified for the following: overall top seller for the event, top seller per grade for the event, teacher with the top selling class for the event, individual prizes, and classroom incentives. During the campaign, leading up to the event, each student and classroom will be awarded a daily prize from the Panther Prize Cart!

Pep Rally Presentation

This event will be sponsored entirely by our parent and community volunteers.

Panther Pumpkin Run:
5-6: 8am-8:45am
7-8: 8:55am-9:40am
2-3: 9:55am-10:40am
7-8: 10:50am-11:35pm
K-1: 11:45am-12:15pm

Volunteer Opportunities

We are in need of volunteers for many activities up to and including the day of the event. Please watch for a sign up genius closer to the event for volunteer opportunities. We are always looking for our parent’s time and talent when planning these events, if you would like to be involved in the planning process please contact any member of PTG. We appreciate your support and involvement in our school!

Donation Information

Funds will be collected through SQUARE, an online program. Unlike in past years, there will be NO surcharge going to a third party, net proceeds will go directly to the school. There will however be, a 3.5% credit card processing fee for each donation collected that will be absorbed by the PTG. You will have the ability to make family contributions or single child contributions. More information will be communicated closer to the event regarding the donations process.

Donate Here!

Donation Instructions

Prize List

Top Sellers

1st: Laptop
2nd: Family Fun Basket with Cincinnati Museum Center Passes
3rd: FC Cincinnati tickets with Autographed Ball

Top Seller Per Grade

Pizza Party with 1 friend and Mrs. Lonnemann and Mrs. Greenwell

Teacher Prizes

1st: Your choice of 1 day off ---or--- “Pamper Me” Gift Basket

2nd: remainder from above

$50k School Goal

Top Seller Of The Day

(TO BE ANNOUNCED IN MORNING ANNOUNCEMENT): First in line for lunch for 1 week, Out of Uniform Pass, & $5 gift card

Class Incentives

$250 Crazy Sock Day
$500 Pajama Day
$750 Extra Recess
$1000 Stinkey Feet Day
$1250 Popsicles
$1500 Movie and Popcorn
$1750 Board Game party and Candy
$2000 Donut Day
$2250 Pizza Party
$2500 Extra Recess Equipment (basketballs, footballs, jump rope, etc)

Individual Prizes

$10 Wristband
$25 Out of uniform pass
$50 Homework Pass
$75 Ice Cream at lunch
$100 Candy mix & bubble shoelaces
$150 Soccer ball
$200 Prize Grab Bag
$250 SPX Spiritwear
$500 Jackpot envelope (Tickets, gift cards,etc)


PRIZE CART: Travels to classrooms each day to distribute the “prize of the day” to anyone who has earned a wristband and also to give teachers the incentives earned by their students