National Blue Ribbon Award
For Excellence 2001 | 2015


The goal of Spanish for 3rd and 4th grade is to begin to recognize basic/rudimentary vocabulary necessary for effective communication in Spanish. Each year the students build on their skills of reading, listening, writing, and speaking Spanish about familiar/relevant topics. Grades 5-8 focus on acquiring more sophisticated vocabulary that is necessary in communicating in Spanish as well as integrating Spanish grammar concepts on a more advanced level. Grades 5-8 use prior knowledge and new content to begin writing sentences and speaking in the target language. The students are also exposed to the Hispanic culture and holidays such as Day of the Dead (El d a de los muertos). By the time the students reach the 8th grade, they are able to pray the Glory Be, the Our Father, and the Hail Mary in Spanish!

Meet Our Teacher

Mrs. América Farmer

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BA of Psychology, Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango
MA of Education, Universidad Autónoma del EStado de Morelos