National Blue Ribbon Award
For Excellence 2001 | 2015

Academic Interventions and Resource

At St. Pius X, we are dedicated to empowering our students to become advocates for their learning process and become lifelong learners. We believe that each child is a gift, and we strive to meet them at their individual academic level to help them succeed spiritually, academically, and personally. In grades K-4, we utilize a tiered Response to Intervention (RtI) model to provide students with targeted instruction that is tailored to their specific learning needs in Reading and Math. The Tiers are detailed below:

Reading Rtl

Each trimester, students take part in a universal screening process in various areas of reading. This screening helps the RtI Team identify students who will benefit from additional interventions in specific areas of reading. The RtI Team is composed of the administration, school counselor, Literacy Coach, and the classroom teachers. After evaluating the screening results and consulting with the team, students will enter one of three tiers.

Math Rtl

Math RtI will works similarly to Reading RtI. Students are assessed on their math abilities using a paper-pencil assessment from our Go Math program. After evaluating the Go Math results and consulting with the team, each student will enter one of three tiers.

Tier 1

The classroom teachers will utilize differentiated instruction for all students in the classroom. This is accomplished through high quality focused teaching using the reading and math series.

Tier 2

Students who do not meet benchmarks are given additional instruction two times a week. Students work with teachers in skill-based small groups. The teachers monitor student progress with the benchmark screener to document student growth in designated skill areas.

Tier 3

Students who score in a critical intervention level will receive additional instruction and interventions with the Literacy and Math Coach. Small group interventions will be in addition to Tier 1 and Tier 2 instruction. The goal is to fill in critical gaps that could impede the natural progression of reading and math.

Math and Reading RtI groups are fluid. Groupings are reevaluated by academic team every seven weeks by data and teacher input.

Meet Our Teachers

Mrs. Ashley Staviski

Literacy Coach
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BA, Elementary Education, Northern Kentucky University
MA, Elementary Grades with a Reading Endorsement, Xavier University

Mrs. Nikki Clark

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BA of Psychology, University of Kentucky
MA of School Counseling, Xavier University

Ms. Alex Lonnemann

Special Education Teacher
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BS Special Education P-12 Learning and Behavior Disorders
BS Special Education P-12 Moderate to Severe Disabilities